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Ghost in the Shell

I got a chance (thanks to Trent Ditto!) to see the highly acclaimed anime movie Ghost in the Shell.

Well, lets see – good concepts, great art, terrible voice-acting in English, and mediocre writing (at least in English.) It’s hard to judge a film down like this based on either the English subtitles or the English voice-acting, but in reality the film suffers for that. My wife watched it too and she thought it was just wierd and not good.

So far that means that I’m 0-3 in anime.

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  1. I’m with you, partly, on this one. I was expecting a Matrix-like movie from what I had heard about it, but that’s not what we got. It was a ‘what is life’ movie. The voice acting was rather poor, but then again, I haven’t seen (heard?) much English VA that is good. I would probably give GitS a 3 out of 5, for the concept anyway and the animation. Now, If you haven’t seen Spirited Away, you must. It is better by far. The voice acting is way better and the storyline is good too. In fact, anything by Miyazaki is better than what you’ve seen. Well, ok, except for Castle Cagliostro. Stay away from that one…

  2. One more thing you might try. Stacy has suggested that many times the best way to watch is to turn subtitles on and have the Japanese audio track running. That way you get the characters sounding as intended and the VA is better.

  3. I tried that – but this is one of those odd movies that has a bad 4:3 subtitle on a widescreen film – in other words while there is plenty of room they don’t use it, so they get like 8 words at a time and have to switch it constantly making it a speed-reading contest.

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