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REVIEW: Evening’s Empire

Evening’s Empire is David Herter’s second book, but the first one of his that I have read. Wow, I was blown away. I first encountered this book from a review on SciFi Weekly. It sounded interesting, so I bought it from

As you can read in the linked review, Evening’s Empire is the story of Russel Kent and his time in the Oregon town of Evening. Oh, and of cheese. Although the cheese doesn’t play a huge role, it is there and is tangentially important to the plot. Again, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Herter having never read him. The book was reminiscent of earlier Tim Powers books. Darkly humorous and filled with absurd images and events. Herter is also adept at creating believable, sympathetic characters, and he creates many here.

I know a book is a keeper when I can’t put the blasted thing down and I end up falling asleep reading it. Usually after saying, “Just one more page…”. This is that type of book.

5 out of 5.

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  1. Cool. Defintely sounds like “one for the box”.

  2. What are you, the Don of books? Instead of sleep wif da fishes, its “one for the box”…

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