Something Else I Can’t Resist

Check out Wil Wheaton’s letter to the infamous Cubs fan.

New Philip K. Dick Website

Over here.

Lots of cover images, PKD-inspired art, book/story summaries, etc.

Not that I troll MMORPG sites…

But Endless Ages caught my. Why?

Because it was written, supposedly, by only 4 people. Now that is impressive. How it plays though, is another story. But it is an FPS RPG, supposedly….

I had to do this

This is for Craig…Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

CHAT: Terry Pratchett

Chat with Terry Pratchett (Novemeber 11 @ 8pm CT), over here. This is the latest chat hosted by Gardner Dozois, the preeminent editor of sf anthologies and editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

Its getting to be that time again…

Yup, the holidays are coming and what better way to celebrate than with a few carols. Cthulhu Carols that is!

Two free MP3 songs and a couple of samples. (I know that saying free MP3’s ought to cause our hit rate to soar!). Fun stuff.

This post is right up Pete’s alley

From the Bad Astronomy Bulletin Board. Its got it all. Science fiction, star trek, a poll and babes. Go Pete!

Was that a Player’s Handbook?

The geek manual never said that professor of Nanotechnology is the way to go!?!?!?

Uber Geekiness

Ever wonder how the U.S.S. Enterprise would hold up at Mach 5? Me neither. But the science geeks at the University of Queensland Department of Physics did wonder. See their results.

Spplat Attack 2

William Shatner has a description of the goings-on at Spplat Attack 2, a yearly paintball event.

Seems that Bill was a little devious in his collection of 50 points. Didn’t anyone see Wrath of Khan?

Paging Mr. Lucas, Paging Mr. Lucas

Science Fiction News of the Week has news that the recently released Indiana Jones Boxed DVD Set (which I got for $33…) is on track to become the best selling DVD box set ever, with about 600k sold, IN ITS FIRST DAY of release.

Now, Mr. Lucas, I believe you have to opportunity to blow that number away, but you actually have to produce the DVD set. IJ generated $28 million in one day, just think what Star Wars would do.

Oh, and give us both versions of your films. The originals, and the CGI enhanced ones. Its the least you can do for us, considering Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones

Jack McDevitt’s Top 10 SF Novels

Over at Zone-sf.

Other authors’ faves can be found here.

Here’s Yet Another MMOG

There is a new MMOG (its not really an RPG) that just went live. Its been in the works for about 5 years. Ouch!

So, from what I’ve seen, it looks like a SIMs-like game, and, really, it seems to be pretty much a glorified chat UI. Sure you can do stuff in the game, chat, shop (?!), do stuff with online friends, etc., so There seems to be going for the socialization aspect of online gaming, rather than going with a ‘game’. I guess that could be fun, depending on what kinds of stuff you can do in game, and it better be cooler that what you can do in real life, otherwise, what’s the point?

I did see that two of the activites you can go involve some sort of hover board and a personal rocket backpack. Oh, and there was a dune buggy race too. If these are actually interesting, I don’t know.

On the plus side, signing up now gets you the game for $20 a $5/month charge ($30 and $10 if not a charter member). The special prices look really good, heck the regular prices aren’t too bad either, but I don’t know what all you get with that and I’m not sure what the future development plans are.

From my perspective, There seems to be aiming at the more casual gamer, which is a good thing. More people means more games which means better games, etc. Someone will eventually create the breakout MMO(RP)G, but I’m not sure this one is it. EQ, while successful, isn’t a game that appeals to the masses, and neither is SW Galaxies. Again, I’m not sure what that game would look like. But we’ll hear about it when it happens…

Oh, and they have a free 14 day trial offer.


Spammers are now targeting blogs.

I found this article through slashdot.

In it, it has a link to anti-blog-apamming tools, including a MoveableType plug-in. Can we add this?

The Mootrix

Enter the Mootrix!

POLL: Hottest SciFi/Fantasy Babe NOT of Yesteryear

Go here to vote.

For those who don’t recognize the names, here are their pictures…

By the way, make sure the wife/kids are out of the room before clicking some of these.

Natalie Portman

Kate Beckinsale

Jessica Alba

Eliza Dushku

Jolene Blalock

POLL: Control My Destiny!

What book should I read next?

Head on over to Yahoo to vote!

Synopses follow…

Continue reading

I’ve been wondering when this would happen

and now it has.Looney Tunes – The Golden Collection is a 4 DVD set with 56! Looney Tunes cartoons. Sweet. This one just hit my wish list. I wonder if Wally World will carry it for $33 too?

Would anyone care…

…about polls?

Seeing how we can’t do them here, I set up a Yahoo! Group to do them. If you’re interested, head on over there and join the group. I think its open.

Jumping on the Baen bandwagon

Is the latest Peter David Star Trek book, Stone and Anvil. Why the Baen bandwagon? Because Baen has gone totally nuts with placing CDs in its latest hardcover books with tons o’ stuff on it. David’s book will include a CD-ROM with all 16 previous New Frontier stories, all in eBook format.

Hats off for including the stories, but as for reading on a computer (or PDA) screen, meh….