Open Source MMORPG Library

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NeL: The Software Behind the Next Great MMORPG?


5 thoughts on “Open Source MMORPG Library”

  1. Wow, Ryzom certainly is distinctive looking and the graphics look really good too. I’m not sure how the game works mechanically so I can’t comment other than to say:

    “It’s another crappy fantasy setting!”

    Of course, the engine is GNU sourced so Scott could whip us up a SF-themed setting. All the heavy lifting has been done for you!

    So this begs the question: Will licensing MMORPG game engines be a successful business model? Does the income generated by monthly subscriptions outweigh the cost of licensing, especially over the long haul? Will the licensor charge monthly/yearly fees for updates to the engine? All interesting questions…

  2. And perhaps the most interesting question of all: Will there be an open source model of Natalie Portman?

  3. You don’t need an open source for that, just get a viewer and pull it out of SWG…

    Maybe if I’m lucky enough to contract some deadly disease, I can write to the make-a-wish foundation and NP might let me paint dots all over her and I’ll raytrace her myself…

  4. I have been thinking about this same idea. So I did a google search. I wonder how many people are sharing this idea?

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