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November 2003

Essential Blogging

O’Reilly has a free chapter from their book Essential Blogging. Mmmmm…blogging…. No related [Read more]

November 29, 2003 // 2 Comments


I just took a look at the current Webalizer statistics for SFSignal and guess what the number 1 search string is? Glo Fish Thanks John! A term that really has nothing to do [Read more]

November 27, 2003 // 1 Comment

Time Travel

Time travel is one of my favorite sf themes. But only when it is integral to the story and not merely used as an incidental plot device to, say, get two characters to meet. [Read more]

November 27, 2003 // 2 Comments

More Dick, Phillip K. that is

The Second Coming of Phillip K. Dick is the main article in December’s Wired magazine. It covers a lot of ground about Dick and his life, and why his short stories are [Read more]

November 25, 2003 // 2 Comments

Bookstores Suck

No really. At least the ones around here do. Let me explain. I recently finished Quicksilver (I’ll write the review in as much time as it took me to read it…) and [Read more]

November 25, 2003 // 15 Comments

Stargate Spinoff

The Stargate:SG1 spinoff Stargate:Atlantis is due Summer 2004 according to SciFi Weekly. I always liked SG1, though I cannot say I am a regular viewer. I thought some of the [Read more]

November 25, 2003 // 0 Comments

Equilibrium Review

So, having read decent things about it, I rented Equilibrium from NetFlix. It tells the story of a future society where emotions are dampened by a drug, no war or anger [Read more]

November 24, 2003 // 0 Comments

The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time

Along the lines of this Spacecraft blog post comes a poll for the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time at Empire Magazine. And, lest you think that this is anything less than a [Read more]

November 24, 2003 // 0 Comments

This One’s for Pete

Latest rumor of the ever-delayed Superman movie…Lois lane is to be played by…Natalie Portman. Good luck, Pete. I hear the Son of Krypton is some stiff [Read more]

November 22, 2003 // 2 Comments

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