A couple of interesting Blogs for you

In my copious free time, I’ve been trolling the web looking for interesting sites, and I’ve come across two that might be of interest.

Spacecraft is supposedly targetted at spacecraft, their systems, etc. However, it covers a lot of space related stuff. Since SF is, in part, based upon our understanding of the universe, this fits in. Also, there is a nice list of space related links and referrer sites.

Second, and more SF related, is the Heinleinblog. This one covers most thing Heinlein in the world.

Did I mention that using Mozilla’s tabbed browsing rules? Especially when going spelinking from various sites? Sweet….

4 thoughts on “A couple of interesting Blogs for you”

  1. Fred,

    Welcome! Coincidentally, Spacecraft led me to your sight today as well. I just hadn’t blogged about it yet. I, too, am a father, not unemployed, but I have actually read GEB:an EGB. Twice.

    If I may ask, were we listed on Spacecraft as a referring sight?


    PS – I guess I’ll actually need to add an “About Us” section. Mwuahahahaha….

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