Wired has an interesting article

covering real world law as it pertains to online games. For instance, can you libel someone? If you defraud someone of a virtual possesion, is it possible to sue in the real world?

These are tough questions. For instance, what if you really are into roleplaying your character and your character happens to be an unsavory type. Let’s say, as you roleplay, you cheat another player out of some possesions. Is this stealing? Is it fraud? What if you denounce the other player as cheat and fraud himself if he accuses you of cheating. Is that slander? Once the lawyers get involved, anything could happen, but, in my opinion, if your playing a roleplaying game, than just about any type of behavior is ok, with the caveat that the publisher of the game has the final say as to what is and is not appropriate. I don’t think taking someone to court over an in game cheat is necessary, nor useful.

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