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More Dick, Phillip K. that is

The Second Coming of Phillip K. Dick is the main article in December’s Wired magazine. It covers a lot of ground about Dick and his life, and why his short stories are becoming movies. And what does it say about Wired that the online version is a lot easier to read than the print version?

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2 Comments on More Dick, Phillip K. that is

  1. Even better…what would Philip K. Dick think of the movies being made from his stories? Given his initial problems with “Bladerunner”, I bet he wouldn’t like them!

    (Yes, from what I recall, he eventually liked what he was seeing of “Bladerunner”, but if you read the book, there’s a lot of differences!)

  2. There ARE a lot of differences, Fred. So much so, that I loved one and hated the other.

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