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December 2003


The website is available for the The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie! Check out the live action trailer with James Earl Jones. Related posts: Sci Fi News Upcoming SF on TV and [...]

December 31, 2003 // 2 Comments


This is a year-end wrap up for my sf/fantasy/horror experiences for 2003. These are not necessarily things that first appeared this year; they are just the things that I [...]

December 31, 2003 // 5 Comments

Notable Fiction for 2003

The New York Times has their list of Notable Fiction books for 2003. Science fiction titles listed are: Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan Blind Lake by Robert Charles [...]

December 30, 2003 // 0 Comments

The Story of Doctor Who

For Dr. Who fans, the BBC is running a special on Doctor Who to celebrate his 40th Anniversary. Personally, I never really got into it. And it appears they are still [...]

December 30, 2003 // 2 Comments

Website Showing Relative Starship Sizes

In case you need to know that sort of thing. One pixel equals one meter (in 1-to-1 scale). It also compares the ship sizes with real-world objects, like the Stay-Puft [...]

December 30, 2003 // 0 Comments

LINK: A Time Traveller’s Blog

One of the more interesting internet hoaxes is the elaborately done web log of John Titor, Time Traveller. This mysterious visitor from the year 2036 accurately predicts [...]

December 29, 2003 // 2 Comments

When is a Star Chamber a good thing?

When its a game that good a great review from Gamespot. I know Gamespot reviewers are weird, but an 8.8 is a decent mark. Star Chamber itself is a [...]

December 28, 2003 // 1 Comment

For the Star Wars Fanboy

Now you too can feed your inner Star Wars fanboy with the Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader replica lightsaber! For only $99! Woo! But hurry, this ‘collectible’ [...]

December 27, 2003 // 2 Comments

NORAD tracks Santa!

Holy WarGames, Batman! <voice type=”computer-generated”&gtWould you like to play a game?</voice> No related [...]

December 24, 2003 // 0 Comments

REVIEW: Little, Big by John Crowley

REVIEW SUMMARY: MY RATING: SYNOPSIS: (from the back cover) little, big tells the epic story of Smoky Barnable – an anonymous young man who meets and falls in love [...]

December 23, 2003 // 3 Comments

Can you map the internet?

The Opte Project aims to do just that. Some of their maps are cool looking though. A fascinating read too. Oh, please help by donating a new server. They need mucho CPU [...]

December 23, 2003 // 0 Comments

Now this is cool

Europe-Africa rail tunnel agreed is a story about a proposed tunnel that will run underneath the straights of Gibralter, connecting Spain with Morocco. Certainly a cool [...]

December 23, 2003 // 0 Comments

Best and Worst of 2003

GameSpot’s Best and Worst of 2003. A comprehensive look back at the best and worst games of 2003. My current favorite game, Knights of the Old Republic, takes a [...]

December 23, 2003 // 0 Comments

A SciFi Christmas?

Taking a break from their usual horror fare, well moviewise anyway, the SciFi Channel has take a step to put the Sci back in the Fi. Their Christmas Movie Marathon [...]

December 22, 2003 // 0 Comments

Rubik’s Prequel

Also from scifiweekly… Dark Horizons reported that Lions Gate is readying Cube Zero, a prequel to the 1997 SF movie Cube, which the studio described as turning away [...]

December 22, 2003 // 1 Comment

I, Ad Campaign

From scifiweekly: A faux Web site and “commercial” for the “NS-5” robot domestic assistant has gone up as a promotion for the upcoming feature-film [...]

December 22, 2003 // 4 Comments

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