Build your own nation state

Jennifer Government: NationStates is a web-based game (free) that allows you to build your own nation based on any political ideology you want. Then you get to compete (I’m not sure how) against other people’s states. Its a game based on the book Jennifer Government by Max Barry.

The book sounds like it could be SF, but Amazon doesn’t list it there. Although I couldn’t figure out where they did put it….

Update: All hail the great and powerful (well, soon) Bohronia!

11 thoughts on “Build your own nation state”

  1. I gotta say I think I could become quite the little island despot with this thing. Today, I decided to outlaw voting and tax chicken snack packs… Whew, what a leader must do – I so need a nap…

  2. Apparently, my country was being overrun by, of all things, Schrodingers Cats, the national animal. I could have let people catch them and sell them for eatin’ (them’s good eats!) but they are the nation animal. So, I decided to let people shoot them and toss them in the ditch like they always do…

  3. Excellent – I like it – it has the right level of humor for a web type of game. ANd does not require constant monitoring to keep up with it.

  4. No way man – I just decided to barcode everybody and build more bombs. We are an all-consuming economic police state – at any minute now I expect a coup and have my head on a stake :)

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