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I, Ad Campaign

From scifiweekly:

A faux Web site and “commercial” for the “NS-5” robot domestic assistant has gone up as a promotion for the upcoming feature-film version of Isaac Asimov’s classic I, Robot collection of stories. I, Robot, starring Will Smith, opens July 2004.

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4 Comments on I, Ad Campaign

  1. Whoa, bloggage!

    Two things I liked about the I, Robot site:

    1. The ‘3 Laws Safe’ tag line. Heh.

    2. Build your own NS-5, and download a wallpaper with your color choices. Kinda cool.

    Now, hopefully, the movie will be decent. Time to re-read the Robot series. John?

  2. Methinks not. A completed my goal of reading all Robot stories and novels (original and related — some 40 books!) before 2000. I am done with it.

  3. No, no, no. I meant, gimme the $@#%$ books!

  4. Oh!

    Without digging, I have the complete Robot short stories in one SciFi Book Club volume. It turns out, though, that there was one more Asimov robot story after its publication (it appeared in the collection Robot Dreams).

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