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Rubik’s Prequel

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Dark Horizons reported that Lions Gate is readying Cube Zero, a prequel to the 1997 SF movie Cube, which the studio described as turning away from the hyperclean look and towards a grittier direction for the series.

The sequel to Cube was Hypercube.

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  1. Ah, very cool. Just watched Hypercube this weekend, and while I didn’t like it as well as Cube, it still held my interest. I think the interaction between the different people from diverse backgrounds is what makes the movies for me. Also the mystique behind the ‘meaning’ of the cube, and why those particular people were chosen.

    I’m guessing that when the first movie was made, they didn’t really have any idea what the cube was, why it was made, etc. Hypercube teases us with partial answers and then ends by bringing up more questions than we had at the outset.

    I’m actually hoping they DON’T attempt to answer the question of ‘what IS the cube’. I fear that not knowing is better than finding out some writer’s lame idea what it is.

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