Seriel Experiments Lain

I just finished watching Seriel Experiments Lain and all I have to say is: Wow.

SEL is the story of a girl who’s life is changed by the apparent suicide of a friend. Soon after, Lain receives an email from this friend saying she was alright and had only abandoned her flesh. Things begin to become surreal for Lain from here on out.

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UPDATE: My New Year’s Resolution

This is the January 2004 update of my New Year’s Resolution.


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Free Money!

ANTARCTICA Dream-Dollars is a really cool web site detailing the currency of a fictional Antarctica colony. They’ll even send you a free sample of the money.

Extremely well done art on the denominations.

Firebird Rules, IE Drools

Sorry for lapsing back to the eighth grade, but in light of IE’s newest, err, feature , I decided to try Firebird (I already have Mozilla). Its really nice and it has a lot of cool extensions.

Particularly intresting are the Edit CSS extension (which allows you to edit a web pages styles on the fly), the JavaScript console (for writing and testing scripts), and the NewsMonstorer RSS, Weblog, mondo-aggregator (which causes my Mozilla/Firebird browser to hang).

Check ‘em out.

REVIEW: Lego Mars Exploration Rover

REVIEW SUMMARY: Excellent Lego reproduction of the real thing – great for kids of all ages (10 and up.)


SYNOPSIS:: 858 piece Lego reproduction of the Mars Exploration Rover (Spirit and Opportunity) with wheels that roll and turn (front and back turn opposite just like the real robot), camera mast that swivels, a remotely operated rock drill / camera, and working deployable solar panels.


PROS: Very well done with good fit and finish, awesome stearing mechanism, and very fun to play with!

CONS: 3 hour assembly time (for a veteran lego builder), instructions sometimes enigmatic

BOTTOM LINE: Awesome way to teach the whole family about the MER and easily the most complicated Lego build I’ve ever seen.

REVIEW: The Science Fiction Hall Of Fame Volume III

REVIEW SUMMARY: Another must-have for anybody who likes short sf.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A collection of the short story, novelette and novella winners of the Nebula Award between the years 1965 – 1969.


PROS: Mostly top-notch tales.

CONS: Some stinkers. (These were award winners?)

BOTTOM LINE: A very good collection of classic short sf.

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There can be only 1! Err, 2. Sorry, um, how many?

How many Highlander movies/TV shows can there possibly be? The first movie was decent enough, although poorly edited IMO, and the other movies sucked dingo’s kidnies. I never watched the TV series so I don’t know much about them. What can they possible do?

Changes at Enterprise?

Is Rick Berman out of Enterprise? We’ll see after February. Personally, this is the wrong half of B&B to be removing. Braga must have pictures of someone…

Another Heinlein Movie?

From Sci Fi Wire: Robert A. Heinlein’s SF classic Have Spacesuit, Will Travel is in planning stages to become a movie.

Explore Mars….NOW!

A website that allows you to take an interactive virtual tour of an imaginary Mars habitat.

How come this has nothing to do with fruit nor American folktakes?

Saw this trailer on another website. I saw an older Appleseed a few years back and this one looks good.

Classic Arcade Games

Neave Games …Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Asteroids and more are all re-creations of these classic games in Java I believe. What I do find cool is the liquidy borders around the content. Sweet.

This is what happens when Tim goes to Taiwan

Decomposing Whale Explodes on Street. Tim, Tim, Tim. Where did you get the explosives? It ain’t sushi anymore, it mushi…

The Inventor of ‘Ctrl-Alt-Delete’

@CNN. Now, who invented the blue screen?

The World’s Largest LCD TV

Oh great. Another output device for reality TV. [Link]

Comic Book: The Movie

Mark Hamill has directed and stars in Comic Book: The Movie, a straight-to-DVD (just releases this week) self-referential mockumentary about a comic book fan hired to direct a movie about comic book heroes.

The notable cast list includes Bruce Campbell, Kevin Smith, Matt Groening and Billy West.

And, not that I troll Star Wars sites or anything, here is a recent interview with Hamill.

For the Lazy Graffiti Artist

Now this is cool. Forewarning: the JPG link will open about half a dozen windows. Open the movie link instead to see it in action.

What’s the Matter?

Article from : U.S. scientists create new form of matter.

To find it, they cooled potassium gas to a billionth of a degree Celsius above absolute zero or minus 459 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s cold!

REVIEW: Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan

REVIEW SUMMARY: It’s like a Tivo for your brain.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: In a future where memories can be digitally recorded, one man must solve a murder mystery.


PROS: Imaginatively-envisioned future; quick pace; terse writing style.

CONS: Weaker middle; mostly unmemorable characters.

BOTTOM LINE: An excellent story in a well-imagined future.

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Prime Time for Ultraprime

Get ready for a new TV viewing and gaming experience. Ultraprime will soon be producing “The Evolvers“, the “first television show created specifically to be part of an online game”. It promises “opportunities to participate in the show and potentially affect the storyline as the show is being broadcast.”

Sounds interesting. There was that one time I channel-surfed past The Simple Life and wanted to smack Paris Hilton upside the head with a really hardcore frying pan. Will the game let me do that?