Another Heinlein Movie?

From Sci Fi Wire: Robert A. Heinlein’s SF classic Have Spacesuit, Will Travel is in planning stages to become a movie.

11 thoughts on “Another Heinlein Movie?”

  1. Scarcely a classic, this is one of the more puerile of RAH‘s


    Citizen of the Galaxy, The Star Beast, Between Planets, Farmer in the Sky are all superior.

    The Unplesant Profession of Johathan Hoag would be a charming addition to the Masters of Horror series.

  2. And…as far as “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel” is concerned, any book where the main character drools over the duplex sliderule and promotes the benefits of a education which involves higher mathematics, science, multiple foreign languages and the like deserves the term “classic”!

  3. :) A wonderful book from his juvenile collection. I will be using it this year with my fifth grade class. I’d LOVE a movie to show with it at the conclusion! I hope it isn’t the stinker that the last one was. It was a BEM movie and hardly resembled the book at all. RAH must have been spinning in his grave. He was alway so careful to control the movies that he did so that they would accurately represent his novels….I guess Mrs. H was more interested in the cash compensation than in the lasting memory of her late and great husband’s legacy.

  4. They got there because this site has this ‘Past Ramblings’ section that is designed to necro old posts as we see here. Well, maybe that’s not the actual design goal – but that does sometimes happen.

    Or, they could have gotten here via a hit on a search engine.

  5. Cheap shot against Mrs. H., yup. She always seemed to be right on with R. keeping his work true to form when others get ahold of it. Maybe she doesn’t control it anymore. Is she still alive? She must be getting up there.

    Always look forward to Heinlein movies, been largely disappointed with them. I always thought it would be a good idea to take 3 of his short stories and do a “New York Stories” type of movie. Now, if I could just come up with several million bucks….

  6. This was a great book…let’s hope that whoever ends up making it, makes sure that they capture that 50’s kind of retro feel that it would need to have to work effectively. Surely one of RAH’s best juvenille – 0ne that ranks up there with ‘Tunnel in the Sky’, ‘Red Planet’ and ‘Starman Jones’.

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