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Firebird Rules, IE Drools

Sorry for lapsing back to the eighth grade, but in light of IE’s newest, err, feature , I decided to try Firebird (I already have Mozilla). Its really nice and it has a lot of cool extensions.

Particularly intresting are the Edit CSS extension (which allows you to edit a web pages styles on the fly), the JavaScript console (for writing and testing scripts), and the NewsMonstorer RSS, Weblog, mondo-aggregator (which causes my Mozilla/Firebird browser to hang).

Check ’em out.

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14 Comments on Firebird Rules, IE Drools

  1. That edit CSS plug-in is really sweet.

  2. Another cool one is the Mozilla Amazon Browser. It opens another window where you can search all of Amazon, without having to go there. Suh-weet.

  3. I’ve installed it…just need time to play with it.

  4. Way cool! The Edit CSS plugin is niiiiice. Did you try the StumbleUpon plugin?

  5. Have you also noticed the IE-like support for the CTL-ENTER URL shortcut (type DOMAIN_NAME in the address bar, it CTL-ENTER, browser redirects to http://WWW.DOMAIN_NAME.COM)?

  6. Whoa! Even cooloer…The Spiderzilla plugin (use this link, not the one from the extensions page) will download an entire website to your local directory! That’s neat! An easy way to get the latest SFSIGNAL code.

  7. I told you it rules.

  8. Another intersting app based on the Geko engine:

    An open source Web page development environment. Looks cool.

  9. Got it. Installed it. Stupid name.

  10. Another reason to get Firefoxbird (this one’s for Scott), Mycroft. Mycroft has a search plug-in for everyone’s favorite box, Astalavist.

  11. And now the biggest think why Firebird worth nothing === The biggest webpages such as Yahoo, or Microsoft just dont recognize firebird, it has no support for activex, the “newest” search box was already implemented in IE 7.0, no mail support. It just sux to be you

  12. First, what is this ‘Firebird’ of which you speak? I’m not surprised Yahoo or Microsoft don’t recognize that. Now, if you’re talking ‘Firefox’, then yes they do. I use FF all the time with no problems on Yahoo or MS.

    ‘It has no support for activex’. You say that as if its a bad thing. You may as well run your PC directly on the internet and yell ‘Hey! Mr. Hax0rs! Free pr0n here! I dare you to crack my system!’.

    WTH is the ‘newest’ search box? And already implemented in IE 7.0, a browser that hasn’t been released yet. So its really useful, instead of having a search box that works in a released browser. Nice.

    No mail support. Well, I go under the ‘Tools’ menu and there is a ‘Read Mail’ option, which opens the default mail program. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘no mail support’. Unless you meant ‘no male support’, in which case I suggest a psychiatrist.

    Does it ‘sux’ to be me? I dunno, maybe. At least I don’t go running around other people’s blogs trying to insult them…..Poorly.

  13. Nice going, Nial. You may as well have said “Greedo shot last”.

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