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My Preciousssss…iPod!

Via BoingBoing and TheEternalGoldenBraid, a t-shirt with the inevitable Middle Earth/Apple iPod advertisement.

My questions is this: How on Middle Earth can Gollum afford to purchase an iPod? I didn’t see too many pocketsess on his…err, clothing….

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4 Comments on My Preciousssss…iPod!

  1. i know next to nothing on this lotr fad and not really itching to know anymore, but cant gollum just send in those guys in dresses (or robes) on horsebacks to raid for some ipods? besides, apple is so desperate to tout their little mp3 player, they probably sent one to everyone on earth (and middle earth)

  2. Fad? The Hobbit came out in the 30’s! Lord of the Rings started coming out after World War II! More fads should have such staying power!

    The books have been widely available in the US since the 60’s. Again, pretty good for a “fad”.

    I assume you are referring to the movies as the “fad”, even there, they’ve been in release for three years now, in production for several years beyond that.

    Well, as to the question: Gollum does not command the “guys in dresses”. Sauron does. Those would be the Nazgul. Or are you referring to the guys in dresses who live in Scotland?

  3. Oh man – what a burn!

  4. Yeah Sauron is the big guy – but has no physical form – but he has power baby… I need to figure out that gig!!!

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