REVIEW: Lego Mars Exploration Rover

REVIEW SUMMARY: Excellent Lego reproduction of the real thing – great for kids of all ages (10 and up.)


SYNOPSIS:: 858 piece Lego reproduction of the Mars Exploration Rover (Spirit and Opportunity) with wheels that roll and turn (front and back turn opposite just like the real robot), camera mast that swivels, a remotely operated rock drill / camera, and working deployable solar panels.


PROS: Very well done with good fit and finish, awesome stearing mechanism, and very fun to play with!

CONS: 3 hour assembly time (for a veteran lego builder), instructions sometimes enigmatic

BOTTOM LINE: Awesome way to teach the whole family about the MER and easily the most complicated Lego build I’ve ever seen.

6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lego Mars Exploration Rover”

  1. I assume you can get the instructions from Lego (not sure if they offer PDFs of their booklets or not – it would be nice if they did.)

  2. Toys R Us has recently cut the price on this down to $50 from about $90 — and if ordered online through Amazon it ships for free.

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