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Monty Python: The Gathering

A blast from the old laser gun to Gravity Lens for the link.

Monty Python MtG Cards is a great site for those Monty Python and Magic: The Gathering fans. It features a complete set, playable too, of Monty Python themed Magic cards. Very funny!

4 Comments on Monty Python: The Gathering

  1. Hmmm. The Minister of Silly Walks is clearly a red (land) creature, not blue. Otherwise, a hoot!

  2. Well done – brings MTG to the masses I say… And now to print off a set for a trip down to the local store to taunt them little whipper snappers….

  3. Hah, well done!

    Okay, so there’s not much content in my post, but I felt I had to post something since I still play M:TG.

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