More Powers To You

SciFi has a chat tomorrow night with, among others, Tim Powers. The topic will be Pirate stories, matey, arrrrrrrgh. Powers is one of the author’s on my short list of guys to read whenever they publish a new book, and I just recently finished re-reading his lose trilogy of Last Call, Expiration Date, and Earthquake Weather. Good stuff. I have read his pirate story, On Stranger Tides, and I remember being just ‘meh’ over it. I’ll have to re-read that one now…

4 thoughts on “More Powers To You”

  1. I’ve really liked what I’ve read by him. I think I read Anubis Gates three times back-to-back. It was such a wonderful book, the best of what you’d get if you combined Dickens, Dr. Who and many other elements.

    Great stuff!

  2. Anubis Gates was what got me interested in Powers, and I think its my favorite of his works so far. I also enjoyed The Drawing of the Dark and also Declare (which I know Scott didn’t like).

    I also liked, but near as much, his early novel Dinner at Deviant’s Palace. Its not as polished or as smooth as his later work, but you can definately see the Power’s imagination at work. The skating trashman is just plain neat.

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