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REVIEW: Comic Book The Movie

REVIEW SUMMARY: An improvisational film that isn’t quite funny enough.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A comic book fan fights to save the legacy of his favorite comic against the big bad Hollywood studio that is driving to modernize it.


PROS: Very interesting movie style (almost every scene is improv), some exceptionally funny moments, lovingly pokes fun at comic book conventions

CONS: Funny moments were too few, sluggish at times

BOTTOM LINE: Comic book fanboys will love it.

I rented Comic Book The Movie through my WalMart online DVD rental. It took 2 rentals because it comes on 2 disks, but you could save ourself and only get disk 1. Disk 1 is the movie and some of the extras, while Disk 2 is just extras.

The film stars Mark Hamill, Donna D’Errico (Baywatch), a bunch of cameos by some excellent stars (Kevin Smith, Matt Groenig, Jonathan Winters, Sid Caeser, Hugh Hefner, Bruce Cambell, David Prowse, and more), and the real life actors of some of the best voice-over people in the business in Billy West (?Futurama?), Roger Rose (?Rugrats In Paris?), Jess Harnell (?Animaniacs?), Daran Norris (?The Fairly Odd Parents?), Lori Alan (?SpongeBob SquarePants?) and Tom Kenny (the voice of ?SpongeBob SquarePants?).

D’Errico was excellent at comedy (really!), West amazed me, and the bits with Groenig and Kevin Smith were really funny (Smith even includes a reference to something from “An Evening with Kevin Smith” that was hilarious.) Jess Harnell steals every scene he’s in and has the best jokes in the flick (“You gotta see my band man, Subpeona – we’re a Warrant tribute band.”)

Unfortunately, Hamill wasn’t that funny, and he’s in almost every scene. He can’t improv with the comedians and it shows. He should have taken himself out and just directed – it would have been a funnier movie.

I give it points of being unique though – improving an entire film is pretty risky and it worked. It just needed to be a bit more funny. I’d love to see this style of film done with some of the true masters of improv – like Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Dan Ackroyd, Adam Sandler, etc.

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