American Iron Chef – and not that crappy Will Shatner show…

Thanks to my lovely wife, I have been given information about a true American Iron Chef followup that will match the current one found on Food TV. I know this is not Sci-Fi, but hey Alton Brown is mentioned by name in this. Plus its not like we are talking about questionable adult themed material… John and your supposed “Cartoon Network” website…

3 thoughts on “American Iron Chef – and not that crappy Will Shatner show…”

  1. Just a minor nit with the story. Yukiop Hatori is not the play-by-play man, he’s the color commentator. The geeky looking guy is the PBP dude. My only other thought is who will fill in as the bimbo commentator of the week?

    And I agree with Tim, Alton Brown rules!

  2. How does one get to be a “Tasting Judge” and, more importantly, what does a gig like that pay? Just wondering…in case the Theoretical Physicist gig doesn’t pan out.

  3. Well on the Japanese Iron Chef – you either had to be a bimbo or actually know how to rate food.

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