Eve and Beyond

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Earth and Beyond will be closing up shop,EVE Online has begun a push to market itself to ex-E&B players. Along with the obligatory free trial, it looks like E&B’ers get an EVE volunteer to help them through the learning curve at the beginning of the game. That’s an interesting idea to say the least. A live tutor. Of course, your experience will vary depending on how good the tutor is. I may check this one out. I was in the beta at the very end and while very nice to look at, I wasn’t to impressed, but I didn’t play much more than an hour or two. Maybe they’ve updated the game.

One thought on “Eve and Beyond”

  1. While trying to find out what Eve-online is, I surfed over to their FAQ only to have my intelligence insulted.

    With answers for ever-useful questions like “What does persistent world mean?” and “What does massively multiplayer mean?” I think they missed a couple of more obvious FAQs: how about “what does online mean?”, “what does game mean?”, what does ‘a’ mean?”

    After tackling those toughies, maybe they’ll be ready to answer “Why did E&B fail? and how do we make it so EVE-ONLINE won’t flop too?”

    If Eve was that chick that called me to beg me to come back to play E&B, what are eve-voluteers? Will they be paying for my online game (whatever that is) subscription, i hope the updatey the FAQ soon with my questions…

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