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Google Gets Personal

Google now offers personalized search features. Specify what you like from a set of pre-recorded categories (computer programming, for example) and Google’s results will be tuned to your needs. Personalized results are marked and there is a tuner slider to turn up/down the personalization. Cool!

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3 Comments on Google Gets Personal

  1. So this would be a godsend for all you fanboys trawling for whatever fetishes you’re a fanboy of, right?

  2. More cool Google features:

  3. Web Alerts. Similar to the unaffiliated Google Alert.
  4. Google Compute – Donate your unused PC cycles for a good cause.
  5. Froogle – This has been around for months, but Google finally makes it “official” by putting a link on their homepage.
  • And then there’s Gmail, offering 1 GB of free email…with the catch that they may scan the emails and deliver targeted advertising. More room for spam! Yay!

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