I-Con and Time Bomb

SciFiWeekly editor Scott Edelman reflects on his recent award given to him at this year’s I-Con SF convention hosted at SUNY Stony Brook, my alma mater. This triggered a memory I had of their SF lending library, run by students. It was in a dark, dank basement room and featured an old throwaway couch. I wasn’t much involved in the local sf scene back then, though. I was just someone who liked to read sf books. I remember borrowing Wilson Tucker‘s Time Masters (or Time Bomb) whose central character, Gilgamesh, was immortal. A good read, if memory serves. That is all. Just thought I’d share :)

2 thoughts on “I-Con and Time Bomb”

  1. I know, people who can’t afford to go to a real private university go to SUNY schools. At least they’re better than the CUNY schools…I think…

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