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Man of Steel, Comedian of Gortex

American Express has paired Seinfeld with Superman for a series of web commercials. The only available full-length episode at this time, “Uniform”, features Superman hooking up Jerry’s DVD player. Funny stuff.

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6 Comments on Man of Steel, Comedian of Gortex

  1. Is it me, or does Superman sounds a lot like fellow Seinfeldian — David Puddy, played by Patrick Warburton, who also did the title role for the short-lived “The Tick” live-action series??

    Nonetheless, it’s hilarious!

  2. I don’t think its Warburton, but it sorta sounded like him. Did you play the “Yes, Wyoming” sing along? Just plain great. They did a bang up job on this campaign, and I want to see the next episode.

  3. You know, there were times when I thought it isn’t Puddy, but other times when I’m sure it is him. I wish I get some confirmation.

  4. Update:

    the following links “confirms” the identity of the voice:

    There are others, just google on “patrick warburton superman”. Yes, the adage. You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet, applies here so you can make the judgement call yourself.

  5. I think it’s Warburton, at least based on this information from the Game Over character bio site.

    Game Over

    “Patrick Warburton stars as the voice of Rip Smashenburn, a hotshot Grand Prix racecar driver who rides and wrecks daily, in UPN?s new CGI-animated comedy GAME OVER.”

    “He has also done commercial spots for American Express (as the voice of “Superman”), Cadillac and M&Ms.”

  6. Look for the Seinfeld/AmEx ads on NBC May 20. [Link]

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