The demise of SF on television started me thinking about SF in general and its place in todays society. Now, I won’t go into a long discussion here about why SF is where it is and why people feel they way the do about it. Instead, I’m wondering, if you wanted to get people interested in SF, how would you do that? Looking at how popular SF movies are, why don’t we start with those.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is simple:

What movies would you show to someone to get them interested (excited, fired-up, etc) in SF?

Basically, I’m looking for a list of movies that every SF (wannabe)fan should see. I’ll start with a few.

1. 2001 – Yes its slow. Yes the ending is…..confusing. But it arguably started the modern era of SF in film. A must see.

2. Star Wars – Did as much to promote SF in film as it did to constrain it. Greatly influenced an entire generation.

3. The Matrix – Exposed people to the philosophical side of SF in a big way. Of course, the guns and martial arts didn’t hurt….

I know there’s more. I’m looking to get roughly 10 – 15 movies (if that many) that someone simply must see to be versed in SF in the movies.

List away! Oh, and discuss!

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