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EverQuest II

EverQuest II Beta is coming in June. They seem to be pulling that scam where they let people who throws tons of money at them (i.e. the Legends servers and Lords of Everquest players) gets in first. So I guess it’s not really a public beta. Nonetheless, they say they will accept additional beta testers and you just have to sign up. So I guess that will be our very own Mr. Vegas (read: Scott) who will probably win an entry…

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  1. Oh look a sarcastic post from Pete who is bitter about his EQ experiences and now dislikes every game in that genre. The funny part was that I could probably find a post from Pete indicating his anticipation for this title and now how his position has changed.

  2. Take it outside, people. Take it outside. πŸ™‚

  3. oh look, a sarcastic post from tim criticizing my bitterness for eq…

    but i do anticipate its release (seeing how i was trolling castersrealm for news…) and my position for it hasn’t change, come ask me again when a week after its release…

    tim is posting again, i guess he’s not busy anymore, hurry up! someone schedule a d&d session before he changes his mind again…

  4. Pete, this is now the second time you made some comment about my ability to attend our monthy gaming outings. I have multiple commitments which include family, work and now school. I am sorry that sometimes these things collide and cause me to miss that one night a month. Someday I hope you will be able to have some amount of empathy with folks in my situation – but if not then try to understand that sometimes things occur outside my control.

    My post is reiterating a statment I had before regarding your objectivity on this topic. I just think that if you find no enjoyment from this type of game – you would avoid them. I will not engage in a flame war here since this is not a forum for this.

  5. My only question is this:

    If you think EQ blows, and EQ II is by the same guys, why would think EQ II will be good?

    I’m not sure I’ve seen anything about EQ II that would lead me to believe that Sony has tried to make it anything other than a grind fest. I could be wrong. I don’t troll EQ II sites…

  6. You know, the original posting was supposed to be fun and sarcastic — i really was looking forward to seeing what the difference in the new game would be. I was merely opining on the way that they’re handling the beta, with no judgement on the game itself. I was also opining on the way that Scott seems to be able to get into betas that I can’t. NONE OF THIS HAD TO DO WITH A JUDGEMENT CALL ON AN UNRELEASED GAME!

    Yet, I’m being characterized as a bitter poster when I was merely informing the group of the impending EQ2 beta, and I just took the oppty to take a jab at the process.

    I don’t think I ever said that it was a review, or whatever — can’t review what’s not out there.

    as for the jab at your unavailability, it was more of a jab at your emailed comments last week — we were talking alot of smack for the upcoming UT2K4 when all of a sudden, somehow I’ve crossed the line. Perhaps you should post on the blog when it’s okay to kid with you and when it isn’t. I was just enjoying some good old fashion trashing talking…

    Sorry to take up so much blog space, but i feel like i need to defend myself here. The original post was just informational, but it got all blown out of proportions.

    i have my rough days too, too many to count of late. i don’t know how many more days i can stand to be in houston/hp or anything — you wont have me to kick around for that much longer, god willing…

  7. What happened to Mr. X? I liked him better.

  8. Kevin & Tim:

    are you two joined at the phucking hip? it’s like a phucking tag team here, one goes then the other. fine, what-the-phuck-ever!

  9. Ok, I’m going to close this thread now. Everyone is getting a little too defensive and not taking the smack in the spirit it was intended. In the future, any EQ thread will be assumed to be rip on EQ unless otherwise stated. Especially if the post has a rip on Scott. Mr. Vegas, classic!

    Scott replies: I always felt Rene was Mr Vegas in these games because he always won the rolls for items. In any event, I am looking forward to EQ2 because it looks like it is going to have many of the cool things from DAOC and an awesome graphics engine. I hope I get in the beta so I can try it out for free :).

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