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Highlander Freebie for Me

My free DVDs of Highlander Season III arrived yesterday. Thanks sfSite! Now…if only I was a fan…Or, had Seasons I and II…

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5 Comments on Highlander Freebie for Me

  1. you dawg! we’re all fans at my house. i gave my wife the first season for christmas. we watched ’em all and are gettin’ ready to buy season 2. we especially loved the commentary by the big-moustachioed producer.

    if you’re within a motorcycle ride from sw va, let me know and i’ll come swap with you!

  2. how did you get them free anyway?

  3. Chris, unfortunately for you, I live in Texas.

    Pete, it was an sfSite contest. Click the “free DVD” link in the original post.

  4. hey, Texas isn’t that far away. from here to Dallas is only a bit over 1000 miles, so that’s an easy one-day ride. however, i’d use about 50 gallons of gas, so it’s prolly cheaper to just buy the dang thing, but then there’s the prospect of eating some good texas bbq while i’m there, …, hmmm

  5. Chris,

    Houston is roughly 1200 miles away from VT. I’m not sure John’s dog would travel that far to see him, even if he had a dog…

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