Perhaps a Career change is in order…

Not sure if this will Fix Pete’s job woes, but we have a Man in Black. So maybe he needs a partner and then they could both be on the lookout for evil aliens in search of a Dyson sphere… (not a good reference but a reference nonetheless.)

6 thoughts on “Perhaps a Career change is in order…”

  1. Ok, Trek Geek mode here. Kirk didn’t get the bald alien chick (Lt. Ilia, aka Persis Khambatta), it was Decker. Kirk just gets the green babes.

    And Tim could be Agent Z! That sounds cool…

  2. The late Persis Khambatta was not the only bald alien chick and I wasn’t just talking about Star Trek so you can stand down Trekkie Geek Mode.

    Should I be:

    Agent Y…Y? Because I said so…


    Agent P… “heh heh, he said ‘P’…”

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