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REVIEW: Rainbow Six: Raven Shield

REVIEW SUMMARY: The latest Rainbow Six installment delivers the best counter terrorism game yet.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: More terrorists, more action, and a great graphics engine add up to a game that fans of the series will really enjoy. I finished the game’s 15 missions in 25 hours, but I had to replay some of those missions several times – and this eventually becomes frustrating unless you enjoy the nuances of planning mode. Casual gamers need not apply – this game is hard and unforgiving.


PROS: Unreal graphics engine, very realistic combat, a planning phase that actually means something, and a huge collection of weapons all realistically portrayed

CONS: A very hard game, difficult to get into for the newcomer

BOTTOM LINE: If you enjoyed previous versions this is a fantastic new addition. If you’re a casual gamer who thinks Counter Strike is hard, give this one a pass.

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