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Speaking of Star Trek

The Wrath of Khan was on AMC today and it makes you realize just how lame the other ST movies are. Including the other even numbered ones. Its got it all: action, drama, character interaction/development, death, pathos and the only cool movie rendition of Amazing Grace using bagpipes (which, as any Scottsman will tell you, is the only way to play it). So, in one of those serendipitous events that the internet makes easy to achieve, I ran across this web site today.

Sorta says it all, doesn’t it?

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2 Comments on Speaking of Star Trek

  1. I prefer Undiscovered Country. Khan is all style with little substance. First off every time the script runs into a dead end, some made-up stuff saves the day. Prefix codes, the Nebula, even the big steaming tube Spock wrestles with at the end are things we never heard of until they are needed by the plot. Sloppy writing.

    I always thought Khan’s campaign would have been more compelling if he had used Genesis for actual terrorist purposes: Give me a planet to rule of I’ll erase all sentient life.

  2. I felt Undiscovered Country was a bit, well, underwhelming. It felt rather sterile and I didn’t like the resort to “reconfiguring a probe to sniff out the cloaked Klingon ship” resolution. Come on, like the Enterprise itself couldn’t do this? The ending space battle was way too TNG-like (only missing Wesley to come up with the solution) and, overall, it was decent but not great.

    WoK had problems too. For instance, both ships are in a nebula, a nebula for crying out loud, and the keep running into each other. Um, aren’t nebulas rather large? I liked the cat and mouse aspect, but the depiction of the nebula itself was lame. But I still like the movie!

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