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You Don’t Appreciate Something Until It’s Gone

My home internet (and digital cable) access has been only sporadically available since last week. I got a Roadrunner tech coming out this week. I wish they could have sent someone over immediately. I feel hobbled. You really don’t appreciate your internet access until it goes bye-bye. I realize how much I take for granted the ability to purchase airline tickets, or blog, or send photos to the family, or surf por-, ummm…, I mean, search for worthy charities where I can donate my spare time helping others. They better get her soon.

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6 Comments on You Don’t Appreciate Something Until It’s Gone

  1. “They better get her soon”. Get who soon? Kate Beckinsale? Natalie Portman?

  2. I could cover up and say I meant to type “here”. But we all know that this was a Freudian typo for “Harriet Klausner”.

  3. why not both kate and natalie?

  4. 3 words that will fill you a sense of fear and dread you’ll likely run screaming from the keyboard:

    Harriet Klausner porn

  5. 🙁 I’m still having connection problems.

    My cable modem light will intermittently turn off or blink. The RR tech came out and determined that the problem was “somewhere between the pole and the house”. They were supposed to address it in the very near future, but my part was done (that is, there was nothing that needed to be done at my house). However, there was no mechanism set up to notify me when the fix was complete. So I was in this mode of being forced to tolerate problems under the assumption that they hadn’t fixed it yet (“Beuller?? Beuller??“). Then last week, some RR tech came out and draped a ?temporary? cable line atop my backyard fence. I was so pleased that the problem was being addressed that I didn?t mind the temporary eyesore. However, twice this week the problem has reappeared. Bah!

  6. Another visit courtesy of RR. This time a contractor replaced some of the house lines and changed my Time Warner installed 4-way splitter for a 3-way and a 2-way. The connection is working, but since the problem is intermittent, time will tell.

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