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Miles of Vorkosigan

The recent SF Site Review of The Miles Vorkosigan Saga (the series of books, short stories and novellas written by Lois McMaster Bujold) is very positive. The series has consistently maintained a top 3 position on The Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List (naively assuming that ballot stuffing is not occurring). Personally, I have yet to read any of them, but I am eager to. So, has anyone else read them? What were your impressions?

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2 Comments on Miles of Vorkosigan

  1. They are not “great literature”, but reading great literature all the time is boring.

    They are light, fun, fast reading. The character’s are interesting, the plots move quickly and Bujold manages to be funny and surprise you on a regular basis. I’ve read ’em all and look forward to the next installment or five.

  2. Its consistently in the top 3 because the Internet Top 100 hasn’t been updated in almost a year!

    I’ve never read this series, it never seemed interesting enough to me to pick up, despite the awards.

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