REVIEW SUMMARY: Gun-totin’ undead priest seeks revenge against devils that killed his sister.
MY RATING: rating

MY REVIEW: In late 19th century Old West, Father Ivan Isaacs accidentally unleashes the devil Temozarela who turns entire cities into undead armies of zombies. After they kill the only woman he ever loved, Isaac dons a duster, a six shooter and lots and lots of silver bullets and begins a rampage of blood and revenge.
PROS: zombies and old west!
CONS: 15 volumes so far and no end in sight. At $10 a pop, this is an expensive read!
BOTTOM LINE: Manga fans who like supernatural elements in the old west will want to give at least the first volume a look.

Father Ivan Isaacs unwittingly opened the box that had held the fallen arch-angel Temorazela for over 1000 years. Temorazela’s servants killed him, but it wasn’t until they killed his sister that he REALLY got mad. Now he’s traded his soul to another devil, Belial, in exchange for the power to battle Temorazela and his servants of evil.
As readers of this site know, I like zombie stories. I’m also a big fan of fantasy on the American frontier. You combine the two and you’ve got yourself a real story, in my opinion.
There’s nothing too complex about Priest – at least in the first 10 volumes.
I have no idea how long the story is intended to go, but every time I think it’s getting ready to wind up, there are more storylines cranked up. I guess if you’ve got a good thing going, milk it!

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