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REVIEW SUMMARY: This is a weblog written by two hardcore SF fans and their friends. One particularly annoying blogger, “Pete,” seems to have no real SciFi contribution other than gushing over who is the hottest actress to appear in SciFi/Fantasy related movies.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: This is version 2.0 of their weblog. Gone is the purplish color scheme; it had been replaced by a more eye-pleasing baby-blue. They usually have pretty good insight on all things SciFi/Fantasy and have been known to be referenced by other bloggers — with the exception of the aformentioned, “Pete.”


PROS: Lots of updates; wide range of topics; better color scheme.

CONS: “Pete”; “Pete”; oh yeah, did I mention? “Pete!” Sometimes there’s some mysterious reference to beekeeping which almost always references “Pete.” Apparently, when it comes to stupid stuff, it’s all about “Pete.”

BOTTOM LINE: If you can stand the inane gibberish of “Pete,” the rest actually have really good information. Good read all around, especially when you’re bored out of your mind in your office and you want to procrastinate. I would have given it 5 stars if it weren’t for “Pete.”

Why the heck would I write a self-deprecating (and yet self-glorifying, look at all the references) review on this site? Well, it’s just an excuse to try out my SFSignal Review Generator. Give it a try and tell me if it’s useful.

BTW, feel free to delete this “review.”

12 Comments on REVIEW: 2.0

  1. Pretty cool Pete!

    Now, if you want to be a super, uber-HTML geek like John, you need to get the mouseover on the stars to work under FireFox. Remember, Firefox = strict adherence to standards, IE = the lazy coders friend….

  2. And as a lazy coder, we all need more friends like IE…

  3. i already changed all the document.all(id) to document.getElementById(id). Maybe you John can help me fix it? how is it broken?

  4. man, it’s totally broken under Firefox, I don’t even know how to fix that… is the handler not right?

  5. Not that I want the title uber-HTML geek, but it’s fixed…

  6. Did you spend 3 hours working on it?!

    I was really kidding, but it is good to know how things work under both browsers!

  7. No, after looking at it for a while after I finished playing CoH (after the servers came back), it only took like 5 minutes to figure it out.

  8. Delete it? This is the funniest thing you’ve ever written.

  9. Thanks John, I guess I have my moments.

  10. BTW all, I’ve updated that webpage so that it doesn’t do the annoying thing where your mouse-overs can change the number of stars by accident; now, you have to click it to change it.

    Apparently, I have that the power to re-open threads, muwahahahaha…

  11. Sorry still broke for me using IE… 🙁 Maybe it works better for Firefox…

  12. Nice necro job!

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