REVIEW SUMMARY: The first ever Unreal Tournament 2004 LAN Party at my house — geeks, computers, sugar induced, alcohol-laden trash talking combined with pizza. What more can you ask for?


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: It was a bit slow getting started, as usual, we had network problem (Kevin!) but luckily no power problem. I took a trouncing but I’m not the worst. Our friend Daniel, who did much trash talking, showed up way late so he didn’t get much of a chance to get his behind blasted too much.


PROS: 11 People, Lot’s of fun, even Craig showed up!

CONS: Not being on Fargo’s team every time. Not having JP and Tim not being there.

BOTTOM LINE: Hell of a blast! I’m willing to do it on a regular basis. If bi-monthly is too frequent, I would opt for quarterly or semi-annually. I know that as soon as we put a schedule to it, everyone will have conflicts and it will lose its draw so we can play it by ear.

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