Space Marine Needs Food, Badly

Check out Alien Swarm, a new mod for UT2K4. Its a top-down, coop tactical shooter that really reminds of Gauntlet in Spaaaaaaace…..

It looks cool too.

2 thoughts on “Space Marine Needs Food, Badly”

  1. Amazing, really amazing. I can’t believe somebody could turn Unreal 2004 into such a great tactical combat game.

    Makes me wish I had enough time to really dig in and create something with that engine. I just read where creating a top-flight mod is probably the best way to break into the game market as a developer or development studio.

    I think a game based on the mob would be big hit – cash in on the Soprano’s craze.

  2. Oddly enough, I was just at Bioware’s site and looking at their jobs listings. One is for a technical director and one of the requirements is to have created a game mod using either the NWN toolset or other game mod tools (UT, Queake, etc). So, there is your in to Bioware right there. A mob game would be cool, but you can’t make it like Vice City. Its been done…

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