Stop George Before He Films Again!

Unbelievable. The climactic fight between Obi-wan and Vader will take place in lava……..on surfboards. Seriously, when did George acquire the crackpipe? Why do we have to have this pseudo-hip crap in this movie? Its supposed to be heavy and cool, and not loaded down with surfer Darth. Please.

To quote Sting from Dune: “I will killl him!”.

10 thoughts on “Stop George Before He Films Again!”

  1. Oh my dear god…. Okay I am dialing up Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg – prep the intervention team. I will have the chopper on the roof in 5.

  2. If you think this is bad, I saw a rumor on some site stating that George is going to remove the current bluey-Annikan guy at the end of RotJ and replace him with a bluey-Christenson for the DVD release. This might cause me to recind my pre-order.

    But probably not. At least I have the Laserdisc set of the original movies, as God meant them to be seen, before George discovered bongs…

  3. Considering I didn’t see Attack of the clones until it came out on DVD – I can almost guarantee that if this movie looks as crappy as its starting to sound – I will avoid it completely… Fanboy or not – I do have my limitations….

  4. Star Wars rumours

    The guys at SFSignal are worrying about Episode III rumours. But the rumours are in The Sun so I wouldn’t worry too much, it never prints the truth. I’d imagine that anything that has been seen is blue/green screen. So…

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