I finally figured out how to read my sf signal mail. Apologies to all the spammers whose promises of huge genitalia fell on deaf ears.

Anyway, there was an awesome email from Human Oddities and Mishaps blog author Amanda who also shares my…let’s say “less-than-healthy viewpoint”…on Harriet Klausner. It’s nice to have someone with whom I can commiserate, as Amanda puts it. Check out Amanda’s Klausner observations (search each archive page for “Klausner” to see the multiple mentions). Amanda has even found something more scarce than girls at a Star Trek convention – she found a 3 star review by Klausner! How much must that book suck to get only 3 stars by Klausner? Or maybe, as Amanda suggests, Klausner accidentally clicked the wrong radio button (assuming that, by now, Klausner does not have a computer application that generates here generic-adjective-laden reviews).

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