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MOVIE REVIEW: Chronicles of Riddick

REVIEW SUMMARY: Great effects and cool universe. Poor script. Really poor script.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Years after escaping the planet in Pitch Black, Riddick is called upon to fight the Necromungers, an evil that threatens wipe out the universe, one planet at a time.


PROS: Really good effects that remind one of Dune, cool bad guys, the Necromungers, nice action scenes, supermodel-hot babes for Pete.

CONS: Weak plot, Riddick took off his swimming goggles FAR too often

BOTTOM LINE: This first of what I understand will be three films did not have edge-of-your-seat action or suspense. What it DID have was cool effects and some nice action scenes. Oh, and the bad guys were kind of cool in a Borg sort of way.

I’d write more, but I honestly didn’t care enough about the movie to exert the effort. Will I go see the next Riddick film? Probably. The ending of film 1 left me wondering what will happen in the next movie.

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  1. Aside from the sillies with the goggles, some of the plot devices just didnt make sense. The one thing that did work was the visual. It felt grand and epic; but unfortunately, the story was bland and at times, lethargic. I didn’t know much about Riddick going in and it set me up nice enough for an epic tale. But like a lot of films today, it sacrificed story for action. The mythology had such promise but it got “dumbed down” for the general masses. So I guess that it wasn’t so much as a bad movie as it was a disappointing one.

  2. Yopur review reminds me of why I like Star Wars – the eye candy.

  3. i’ll give this four out of five stars

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