What a year it’s been here at SF Signal.

We’ve come a long way from our first post in which JP revels in the ability to mark his own corner of the web with the mocking exclamation “Hahahaha”. To be fair, JP did go through lots of hard work to get the blog up and running (I think he ran the MoveableType installation program and sent a grammatically incorrect email to the web host.) Still, it wasn’t long before we all jumped on the blogwagon. The Internet is, after all, the wave of the future. At least, that’s what I heard.

I (John) was the first to post a book review on Day 2, a trend that boldly redefined the site and made it what it is today: an un-moderated forum for cat fights and supermodel posts. Scott, an infrequent but early contributor, immediately followed on with a book review using my book reviewing format, thereby satisfying my uncontrollable urge to dictate look & feel, which culminated with a site redesign. Peter even went so far as to create a review generator. (What the geek?!?) The review format trend continues (mostly) to this day with violators of the approved format being the subject of childish ridicule and having their semi-private email address anonymously submitted to spammers.

While on the subject of reviews, it should be noted that I have yet to bring to closure my unhealthy obsession with the sham that is Harriet Klausner. One day I will forgo littering the blog with my rants and get up the nerve to take out a full page ad in the NY Times?or just drop the thing altogether. For now, I stew.

JP got an unexpected space-ball rolling with the first-ever SF Signal post mentioning Star Wars. One might think that this would earn him a title as ultimate Stars Wars Fanboy but, sadly, this is not the case. Competition was fierce with the most worthy opponents denying any claim to that title, myself included. Still, the silent competition continued. Ultimately, the title “Stars Wars Fanboy” rightfully goes to Tim, not only because he is the only one who will admit to being a fanboy, but also because of the sheer quantity, albeit questionable quality, of his Star Wars posts. I valiantly rose above the fray since I simply do not troll Star Wars sites. I am way too busy with my New Year’s Resolution.

Pete, when not embroiled in the aforementioned cat fights or thinking up aliases (Mr. X indeed!), took great pains to add some high brow content to the blog with a plethora of babe-related posts. Although, much to my dismay the earliest mention of the term “supermodel” comes not from Peter, but from anime-meister JP. True, my own attempts to spice up the website have met with disappointed looks. But seriously, Peter, Eye Boobies? (Okay, that one was funny.)

Truth be told, Peter’s contributions weren’t really dragging us down. Our Lix score, which garnered much attention over the past year, was pretty low to begin with. Kevin tried to help. Unfortunately, attempts to become the undisputed experts in recombinant lexography failed to help us.

It is often said that the purpose of this blog was to provide a method of communication that did not involve human contact. Well, okay, maybe. But we still managed to make a splash in the Internet pool. Aside from the inevitable flame and the welcome repeat guest contributors – like Fred of the Eternal Golden Braid, John L. from Texas Best Grok, Jeff from Gravity Lens and James from Big Dumb Object – we have had a few author sightings as well in the form of John C. Wright, David Herter and Kathryn Kramer. I envision a day when all great sf authors will stop by with the consistency of getting their morning coffee…so they can read about supermodels.

Here’s to another fun year!

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