Not that I’m counting, but on July 28, 2004, Harriert Klausner posted EIGHTY-NINE book review, just one day after the last batch of crap. Can we create a category called Fraud?

6 thoughts on “Klausner”

  1. John, here’s an idea: You can make booklists on Amazon. Why don’t you make a list called “John’s Big List of Crap courtesy of Harriet Klausner” and add all 89 books into it!

  2. Now that’s not a bad idea. Intriguing even. Although the Amazon censors might object to the word Crap. We now they don’t object to the word Klausner…

  3. Maybe the censors will not pickup “Krap” — As in The Kollection of Klausner Krap? Hmmm… 3 Ks in succession, people might get the wrong idea.

    How about:

    1. The Klausner Registry of Asinine Publications (KRAP)

    2. John’s Unsorted Notable Klausners (JUNK)

    3. The Klausner List of Unreadable Text and Tomes of Endless Ridicule. (KLUTTER)

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