Just in time for Christmas, Digital Spy tells us that a ten disc ‘Matrix’ DVD boxset is planned. Yikes! Now with more pseudo-philosophical musings and cryptic, un-helpful Oracular responses! Sounds like a winner to me! But I bet the SFX are great though.

Now the bar has been set. I’m guessing “The Lord of the Rings” DVD set will be of truly monstrous proportions. I’m guessing just 9 discs for the movies (one disc each for the original theatrical release, the ‘extended’ release for the DVD, and a ‘making-of’ documentary). Then we’ll have all the other crap that people don’t actually watch, but make you want to by it anyway. ‘Yeah, but, its got music videos of Gollum singing the Beastie Boys! Come on, Brass Monkey!”. You get the idea…

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