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Review – Absolution Gap!

SFSignal is proud to announce a very special guest review for Absolution Gap.

Hi, my name is Harriet Klausner. You may remember me from such 5 star reviews as: My Favorite Mistake, and Babes in Captivity, (that one’s for Pete). The SFSignal management gave me the opportunity to rebut the scurious propaganda spewed forth about me from ‘John’, if that is his real name, and show that I can write a ‘real’ review. I notice John doesn’t always give 4 or 5 stars. He must hate all books. Anyway, on with the review!

REVIEW SUMMARY: Awesomely, incredible space-opera. A must for all, even those who can’t read!


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Spaceships fly, weapons discharge, people die, science is invoked.

MY REVIEW: Even people who hate books will like this one.

PROS: The best book ever written!

CONS: I don’t know anyone in jail, why is this here?

BOTTOM LINE: Oh my, is my bottom line is showing?

(Ed. – Ok, so HK hasn’t changed at all. This review is really just a place holder to let certain people know that AG has been read, the story is being digested, and a real review is on the way to a monitor near you…)

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3 Comments on Review – Absolution Gap!

  1. would have been more “convincing” had you created an “HK” login and used it to write the review.

  2. She was a ‘guest’, no need to let her have her own account. Sheesh.

  3. I would say this was very funny if it weren’t the exact template she uses to write her “reviews”. Or is it a team of people using the Klausner pen name? Or is it just done by software at this point?

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