Amidst the mountains of spam we receive here at the big blue SFS, we do, occasionally, get an actual email from an actual person. I thought I’d empty out the mailbox and pass the interesting stuff on to you. And, if you pass this on to 5 friends, you too can win fame, fortune, and a supermodel of Pete’s choice!

  • Red Jacket Press Announces a New Line of Facsimile Reprint Editions – RJP is re-issuing two ‘classics’ of SF, Judgement Night, by C.L. Moore and Children of the Atom by Wilmar Shiras. I’ve heard of the Moore book, but not the Shiras one. However, they both sound interestin.
  • Three Laws Unsafe is a website/blog that takes a critical look at Asimov’s 3 laws and whether they are sound solutions towards ‘safe’ AI. This site is actually quite interesting, if AI interests you that is…
  • SFSignal patron A.R. Yngve has written a polemical essay concerning xeno/geno-cide in SF and Fantasy. An interesting read to say the least.
  • And if author sitings interest you, we had Del Stone, JR. he of Dead Heat fame, sends us a link to his Yahoo Groups writers workshop. If you’ve wanted to work on your writing skills, I’m looking at you John, check it out.
  • And a big hello to all of you who have subscribed to our RSS feed via Bloglines. I see that 26 people are subscribed so, minus myself, that means that at least 25 other people deem us as not crappy enough to not read! I love double negatives…
  • Apparently, Barrister Isa Usman of Nigeria really needs our help! We could get a ‘reasonable percentage’ of this if we help them transfer their money out of Switzerland. Tempting, tempting….
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