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Deus Ex: Invisible War

REVIEW SUMMARY: This is the sequel to the successful and quite well made Deus Ex. This game was designed by Warren Spector who writes some pretty good stuff (game wise). The game picks up after your actions (as JC Denton) in Deus Ex. Its been several years and the world suffered a small cataclysm called the Collapse. The game starts with a strange explosion in Chicago, and your character is now caught in a web of intrigue and bio-mechanical modifications.



The game is not as deep nor as long as the first one, but still has an engrossing story to find out whats going on and for whom. The factions are pretty well laid out early in the game, but trying to discern who is right or wrong is where the game shines. The game play offers multiple ways to complete the many tasks set before you. You can go brute force and kill everyone (my favorite) or you can be sneaky and avoid conflict. The graphics are okay, its not Doom3, but still looks pretty good. Control scheme is standard FPS style. Overall I liked it and played through it in about 14 hours total.

PROS: Multiple ways to complete the tasks set down for you: stealth or force or even a combination of both. Multiple endings (with a hitch)

CONS: Decision point really occurs at the end of the game – you have no punishment for selecting one path until the very end. Which makes it easy to play through all the endings.

BOTTOM LINE: A fun science fiction game that has its problems, but is not completely inaccessable to non-die-hard gamers. Some will not like the simplified nature from the original, but I felt that did not detract from the experience.

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