Maybe This Guy Will Help Sell More Ink…

Well, I don’t necessarily agree with this guy‘s politics but it’s a pretty cool contraption he’s got there.

2 thoughts on “Maybe This Guy Will Help Sell More Ink…”

  1. Too bad for him he was arrestd for vandalism and his bike and computer confiscated.

    The question is: Is it vandalism if you use a water soluble solution of sidewalk chalk to paint with?

    I also saw a protest sign that said, simply: </BUSH>

    I immediately thought: Geek. I did think it was kind of clever, although most people won’t get it.

    Not to turn this blog to politics, so back to your regularly scheduled SF. As soon as I can find some…

    Update: There are some things I don’t like about MT, the allowed HTML tags in comments is one of them. The above sign I referenced looks like an HTML tag, but isn’t. MT doesn’t care, it removed it. It looked like an ending HTML tag, with /BUSH between the >. Funny and geeky.

  2. No, no, that was not a political post, it was a cool-idea post, it’s just a shame that the URL was so offensive…

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