Scientists Vote Blade Runner Best SF Film of All Time

[Link courtesy of Locus Magazine] As regular readers know, I was not too thrilled over Blade Runner although I liked Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep quite a bit. So, to me, this is akin to voting Porky’s as the best flick. Scientists. [shakes head and sighs]

One thought on “Scientists Vote Blade Runner Best SF Film of All Time”

  1. I saw that (but via another route, not Locus). The article I read was pretty vague on what kind of scientists, how many scientists, etc.

    For example, several astronomers I know think “Contact” is the best SF film made.

    A lot of folks at NASA tend towards “2001” or various other space epics.

    All the people they interviewed in the article I read seemed to be biologists–so a film like “Blade Runner” might appeal to that set.

    So, you got to ask: How many scientists? What fields? The whole world?

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