Upcoming SF-ish Movie previews

From RevolutionSF, a look at the upcoming SF-ish movies for the rest of the year. Only a couple are interesting to me.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – I’d trade my kids in for a ticket to the one. Luckily, all I have to do is buy one! Robots, dirigibles, flying wing/ornithopter things, spaceships and doomsday devices. What’s not to love?

Star Wars Trilogy DVD – Damn you Lucas, I’ve already pre-ordered these. Even if you did make Greedo shot first.

The Incredibles – Oh boy! I am so there on opening day. Maybe. Now if only we can create knock off characters in City of Heroes….

So 3 out of a bunch. 2 actual upcoming movies. Too bad HWood has to turn out drack like Sound of Thunder (which should be renamed, Sound of Empty Theater).

5 thoughts on “Upcoming SF-ish Movie previews”

  1. I read the Sound of Thunder short story not too long ago (I like Bradbury), and found it to be a pretty okay story, but don’t really see making a feature-length film out of it!

  2. THX-1138 is coming out in limited release to the theatres around the time it’s coming out in multiple DVD formats. I’m holding out for the ultra-mega-deluxe to be sure I see the original student film.

    (Do you think that Peter Jackson has a student film version of LotR lurking around somewhere that he’ll pull out and put on a future DVD release?)

    Also: You can buy Ellison’s original screenplay for the earlier attempt to film “I, Robot” again. It includes several pages of color (as well as numerous B&W) illustrations of pre-production art. Worth picking up for the price and probably a better buy than two tickets to the current release.

    How about TV stuff? I’ve seen ads for Farscape, BS:G, Earthsea on the SkiiiiFiiii Channel.

  3. I’m pretty sure I remember reading about more announcements in Locus; I’ll have to dig through back issues.

    For example, at one point Gregory Benford’s novel “Eater” was optioned by USA Network for a mini-series.

    I’m sure that remakes of “Silent Running”, “Logan’s Run” and “Fantastic Voyage” are in proposal form somewhere!


  4. I thought the Logan’s Run movie was pretty good. Of course, that was years ago. I think it could be re-made into a decent movie, without Hollywood’s ‘help’ though.

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