What’s on TV? Who Cares – I’ve Got To Blast Some CacoDemons!

A study shows that people are watching a lot less TV than they did last year and are instead playing video games. Not only that, last year people played more console video games than PC game, for the first time! Of course there are three console platforms and only essentially 1 PC platform. And maybe 2003 was a slow year for PC games. I’m trying to think of what great title came out last year besides KOTOR, which was near year-end and probably didn’t significantly affect the numbers.

What really baffles me is why people are playing games on their phones. Maybe other systems have better games than the lame-o titles available with Sprint (which is what I have), or maybe there are just a lot of masochists out there. I know I sure wouldn’t pay money to play games on my phone.

One thought on “What’s on TV? Who Cares – I’ve Got To Blast Some CacoDemons!”

  1. You should try asking your buddies with the fancy true-color phone that normal mortals can’t poassibly afford…

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